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Welcome, my name is Alicia. I own the small flower farm Lavender and Lettuce with my four city chickens and one cat.  Living in a 1920 year built craftsman home that I painted bright red last summer.....should have done that long ago....absolutely in love with the color!

I believe that gardening and flowers feed the soul and bring about so much connection and tranquility. Every time you start another tray of seeds it brings so much hope and optimism. 

Watching the seedlings grow, seeing the first buds start to form....being able to cut the blooms at their peak of fragrance and beauty. The creativity they bring in designing an arrangement to enjoy.

That's the reason why I started this business to bring that same bit of joy and happiness to others. And to hopefully inspire you to get dirty and plant a few vegetables or flowers in whatever space you have, just a couple of pots on either side of the front door adds so much charm to your home!

A bit about me....I love movies and have several favorites that I return to over and over like The Long Hot Summer with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward....Out of Africa with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.....the three original Star Wars....so many others. They're like visiting old friends. If you haven't seen the movies that I just mentioned, you need to stop what you're doing right now and remedy that immediately! 

I love walking around garden nursery's, so therapeutic and inspirational with all the textures, colors and fragrances as I imagine what my dream garden would look like.

Hobbies can be problematic for me. For example, every few years I get the idea to take up knitting again...the textures of different wool and soft cotton and the gorgeous colors get me every time.  I browse the local yarn shops with the romantic notion of creating something out of two pointed pieces of wood. Then I realize that I've been knitting for 3 hours and only have a few inches done and it promptly gets shoved into a drawer for another day that never seems to come. 

Thanks for visiting, start some seeds today!